Jennifer Brusewitz, ND – NUNM Faculty Spotlight

Name, title, and degrees

Jennifer Brusewitz, ND


What do you teach? How long have you been teaching, and what can students expect to learn from you?

I’m a clinical supervisor at NUNM’s main teaching clinic, in addition to supervising students at one of our partner clinics that supports patients as they recieve treatment for substance use disorders. I’m also academic faculty in the Master of Science Nutrition program and a faculty mentor to students as they create their final capstone project. After 20 years of practice, I embody the confidence that patient care can successfully be guided by the foundational tenets of naturopathic medicine – I find that students are hungry for this validation.


Why did you choose to pursue naturopathic medicine?

I was drawn to naturopathic medicine after researching alternative healing traditions. As a budding herbalist and whole foods enthusiast, I was amazed by the comprehensive training naturopathic doctors received, as well as the expansive approach to health. The potential for profound healing drew me in.


What do you like most about being a naturopathic doctor? What aspects are you passionate about?

Interpersonal connection is the most important and satisfying aspect of my job.  It is deeply gratifying to play a part in educating and empowering patients. Listening to others, standing with them and witnessing their transformation – it continues to be a great privilege.  


Do you focus on treatment of a specific health condition(s)? If so, please explain why you chose to focus on it and how naturopathic medicine can make a difference in treating that condition.  

I have all kinds of patients in my primary care practice, treating acute and chronic conditions, women’s health, GI conditions and transgender medicine. I specialize in addressing patients’ concerns with core naturopathic principles in mind: comprehensively assessing patients’ constitution and looking at environmental and lifestyle factors, including spiritual connection. Naturopathic medicine has the exceptional quality of considering the complexities of the human condition.

I also supervise students in a clinic that treats patients as they move through recovery from drugs and alcohol. A number of top notch supplement companies donate free medicines for this clinic and we are able to offer integrated primary care, with unlimited naturopathic medicines to assist them.  


What do you like most about teaching naturopathic medical students?

Naturopathic medical students are energetic and engaged, always eager to grow.  They tend to have fantastic senses of humor. And without a doubt, I learn as much from them as they do from me. They continually inspire me and make me laugh.


What advice would you give to those considering naturopathic medical school?

Jump in with your whole heart and be open to where this fantastic journey will lead you!


What qualities make a strong ND student?

Approaching naturopathic medical school with flexibility and an open mind, as well as being optimistic and community-oriented. I find students with these qualities thrive.


Besides teaching, are you or have you been involved in the naturopathic community in other ways? If so, please share more about your involvement.

I work with students and encourage them to write up case reports for publication. I love helping students push themselves and gain confidence in their writing skills. And I strongly believe that having case reports published in peer-review journals is an essential aspect to furthering the cause of naturopathic medicine.


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