Bastyr Celebrates Accomplishments

Bastyr University looks forward to the spring quarter and reflects on its achievements over the past school year.

Third Annual ND Mini Camp to Take Place this Summer

ND Mini Camp gives participants a taste of naturopathic doctor (ND) student life at Bastyr University. For one week, campers get the chance to interact with current faculty and students while learning anatomy, physiology, diagnosis and the different therapies used by NDs. Each day is designed to mimic the curriculum covered in the corresponding year of Bastyr’s ND program, from an introduction to naturopathic medicine to clinical education and research. Campers can stay on campus and dine at Bastyr’s award-winning dining commons. This year’s camp runs from August 2-7. Scholarships are available for all who decide to attend Bastyr! Click here to learn more and register.

Funding Efforts Continue for Research Study on Type 2 Diabetes and Toxicity

Bastyr University co-founder Dr. Joe Pizzorno wishes to further research the toxins found in many facets of everyday life and their correlations with type 2 diabetes. There is a growing body of research that indicates the many toxins in our environment, such as Bisphenol A and pthalates, may be contributing to this national epidemic. Phase one of this study will be to educate patients in the early stages of diabetes on how to reduce their toxin load, test the patients to measure their initial environmental toxin levels, and retest them every two weeks to assess if toxins have been successfully reduced through avoidance. If phase one is successful, phase two will address some of the more persistent toxins using naturopathic approaches. Many of Dr. Pizzorno’s findings can be found in his book, The Toxin Solution. For more on this study, read the details of the proposed research protocol.

Bastyr Faculty Member Interviewed for Oncology Times

Bastyr University California faculty member Debrah Harding, ND, FABNO, discussed the focus of her work, integrative oncology, and how naturopathic medicine can be incorporated into treatment for breast cancer. Read the full article here.

Discover Bastyr – At the Intersection of Science and Nature

On February 22, 2020, Bastyr University opened its doors to more than 100 prospective students! Faculty members from each program gave participants a taste of Bastyr. Activities included an herbal root beer soda demonstration, physical medicine demonstration and garden and greenhouse tours, among many others! Students asked questions during an alumni panel and learned about many of the career paths available after graduation.

Students and Faculty Receive High Rankings for Research at Integrative Health Conference

At this year’s Academy for Integrative Health and Medicine conference (AIHM), Bastyr faculty and students presented research findings on several topics within the realm of integrative medicine, including:

  • “Loneliness as a Risk Factor for Parkinson Disease Severity and Progression”
  • “Prospective Outcomes Trial in Patients Undergoing Care with Naturopathic Providers”
  • “Treatment of Chronic Hypertension in Pregnancy with Magnesium Malate: A Case Report”

Bastyr University California student My Tang received second place in the student category and 11th  place overall for her research project, “7-Week Mindfulness and Biofeedback Training Improves Symptoms of Anxiety and Heart Palpitations in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Case Report.” The AIHM review board consisted of individuals from various institutions, including Dartmouth, University of Washington and Harvard.

Click here to learn more about Bastyr University.



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