Quality of Life over Pay: Millennials’ View of Careers



The youngest members of our workforce appear ready to take a pay cut if it means finding a happier place to work, and an improved quality of life.

An article on usatoday.com, Millennials will take a happier workplace over better payhighlights what appears to be a redefining of “success” in one’s career:

“It’s a cultural shift,” says Scott Dobroski, a spokesman for workplace review site Glassdoor. “If [Millennials] do not see work/life balance where they can go out and learn about the world, (a better salary) does not interest them enough. They want to go and work somewhere where they are going to feel valued.”

While most Millennial employees are happy at work — 86% — nearly half are actively looking for a new job, or at least open to new opportunities. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Millennials have gown up in an era where they can find what they want, when they want, with just a few flicks of their hand.

And what they want is a better work/life balance. It’s one of the reasons why many people turn to naturopathic medicine – not only do naturopathic physicians find true purpose in their work, but they’re typically able to enjoy a more balanced relationship between work and life than their peers.

In our 2015 Alumni Survey Report, 3/4 of participants noted that they are satisfied or very satisfied with their decision to become an ND (74%) while just 67% of conventionally trained physicians in the United States would choose to become an MD if they had to do it again.

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In fact, the naturopathic field frequently sees late “career changers” deciding to start fresh by turning to naturopathic medicine, as is evident by our piece that focuses on three naturopathic students and doctors who opted to change careers.

*You might be interested in our past webinar on career changers as well. It’s free to listen to and can be found here. Career Changes for Work-Life Balance: Webinar


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