NUHS Builds Awareness for Natural Medicine Through Outreach Opportunities

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National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) has been building awareness about natural medicine through engaging their local communities. Whether on- or off-campus, faculty experts and students are participating in a wide variety of outreach opportunities.

In addition to educating more individuals about natural medicine and helping to increase awareness of naturopathic medicine, each one of these events helps expose students to various specialties that may interest them in their future careers in integrative medicine.

NUHS Nutrition Conference to feature latest in food movements

From March 24-25 NUHS will host the first conference of its kind focused on the latest research and trends in nutrition at its Lombard campus and via NUHS Nutrition Conference 2018webinar. Aimed at health care practitioners, students and the public, attendees will learn about various food movements and how to implement these food diets or strategies to optimize health.

The conference program will feature Dr. Tom O’Bryan (NUHS ’80), a world-renowned expert in the field of gluten-related disorders, along with nine other experts with backgrounds in functional medicine, chiropractic medicine, allopathic medicine, psychotherapy and nutritional biochemistry.

Those interested can attend the conference in-person or via webinar. Register and learn more about the conference speakers and schedule.

Dr. Smith shares heart health tips for American Heart Health Month

Fraser Smith, MATD, ND, assistant dean of the NUHS naturopathic medicine program, marked American Heart Health month in February by sharing a list of naturopathic medicine tips for maintaining optimal heart health on NUHS’ the Future of Integrative Health Blog.

On Feb. 15, Dr. Smith and the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medicine Colleges (AANMC) also hosted a free webinar on heart health. During the webinar, Dr. Smith discussed the various environmental factors that impact metabolism and increase the likelihood of developing heart disease and/or becoming obese.

Year round, naturopathic interns at the on-campus Whole Health Center clinic work with Cleveland HeartLab, Inc. to assess a patient’s risk for heart disease or heart attack by offering inflammatory and other innovative and scientifically proven biomarker tests. According to Dr. Smith, ND students are already preparing for a clinical trial of these assessments for later this year.

NUHS to host second-annual Healthy Kids event

After the success of the inaugural Healthy Kids event last year, NUHS is planning the next Healthy Kids event in May.

The event welcomes local families on campus to learn about natural approaches to keeping children in optimal health. Similar to last year, NUHS naturopathic, chiropractic, and oriental medicine faculty experts and interns will host activities, classes, and demonstrations for both children and adults to enjoy.

For updates on event details visit the NUHS website.

NUHS students gain new insights at integrative medicine conference

While volunteering at the Integrative Medicine for the Underserved (IM4US) conference, NUHS students  learned additional approaches to working with underserved populations. Over 300 acupuncturists, East Asian medicine practitioners, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, physicians, nurses, etc., attended the three-day event in August at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

“Opportunities abound as more allopathic practitioners of various disciplines are becoming open to integrative approaches,” said Anita Hollins, a volunteer and student in the NUHS Master of Science in Oriental Medicine program. “I spoke to several family practice physicians that either have certifications or have partnered with AOM, DC, and ND practitioners.”

In addition to providing volunteers, NUHS sponsored the research portion of the conference that included 18 poster presentations and three breakout sessions. NUHS also helped fund IM4US’s first annual research prizes for “Outstanding Young Investigator” and “Outstanding Research Innovation.”

Explore a Career in Integrative Medicine at NUHS on March 10

If you’re considering a career in integrative medicine, come visit NUHS’s Lombard campus during Campus Visit Day on March 10th.

Offered only twice a year, the event allows prospective students to explore graduate programs in chiropractic medicine, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, and East Asian medicine as well as the undergraduate program in biomedical science.

Throughout the day, participants will also have the opportunity to interact with faculty, students, and graduates of NUHS. Prospective students will experience NUHS student life through interactive activities and real-life scenarios.

To guarantee your spot for Campus Visit Day on March 10th, you can register online, or call 1-800-826-6285. You will receive a confirmation packet with directions and a schedule of the day’s events. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-826-6285 or email


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