NUHS Integrative Care Focus, Business Education Lead to Success

By offering programs in naturopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, oriental medicine and massage therapy on one campus, National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) students have the unique option to earn a second or third degree in less time — saving money and starting their careers sooner.

Jane Drobin (pictured to the right) grew up in Elizabethtown, PA., with parents who were interested in alternative medicine. But it wasn’t until she started researching natural lifestyles for herself that she discovered naturopathy.

“The naturopathic philosophy aligned with my personal interests,” Drobin said. The opportunity to earn both a doctor of chiropractic and doctor of naturopathic degree in less time than earning them separately at different schools led her to NUHS.

Jane Drobin NUHSNaturopathic students are also drawn to NUHS in Lombard, IL., because it is dedicated solely to science and health care careers. The ability to learn and work with students and faculty in other natural health care disciplines gives NUHS naturopathic students a competitive edge.

“NUHS does a good job of exposing you to everything, and you can decide what you love,” Drobin said. For example, after finding acupuncture students to be great resources, she added 100 hours of acupuncture instruction to her curriculum. “I’ll be able to refer my patients for acupuncture treatment because of the knowledge I now have,” she noted. She also plans to offer cupping in her practice.

With more hospitals and specialty clinics providing integrative health care options, NUHS graduates are trained to work with MDs, DOs, DCs and other medical specialists, co-managing patient cases as part of an integrative medical team.

Integrative Clinic Experience

Naturopathic students at NUHS spend a full year in the clinical internship program in one of its integrative medical clinics, learning to collaborate with professionals in other natural medical specialties. Students may also intern at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, gaining experience treating a wide range of pathology while meeting the needs of an underserved population. They also have unique opportunities for clinical observations in other specialties such as homeopathy, with an on-campus clinical observation experience and a clinical rotation at the Center for Integrative Health.

Rigorous, Science-Based Curriculum

A rigorous curriculum with a strong foundation in basic and clinical sciences is important to naturopathic doctors’ success. Students learn anatomy and physiology through full-cadaver dissection in its gross anatomy laboratory. While the basis of the program is in the naturopathic philosophy of looking for underlying imbalances and determining what is necessary to support the natural healing process, NUHS takes students deep into naturopathic clinical theory, which equips them with models for case analysis and treatment, and helps them to apply the principles in action. This comprehensive approach prepares NUHS graduates to be exceptional diagnosticians and physicians.

Experience a Hydrotherapy Suite

In 2017, the Lombard clinic opened a new hydrotherapy suite with state-of-the-art equipment. Hydrotherapy is an important healing modality in traditional naturopathic medicine.

russian steam NUHSIt employs the therapeutic benefits of water at various temperatures applied in one of several ways to promote a specific outcome in a patient’s treatment plan. In NUHS’s hydrotherapy suite, students have the opportunity to experience the use of Constitutional Treatments, Russian Steam Baths (pictured to the left), Peat Immersion Baths, Far-Infrared Sauna and Colon Hydrotherapy.

Learn to Manage Your Career, Run Your Business

Naturopathic doctors need to be both excellent practitioners and knowledgeable businesspeople. National University’s business program gives graduates the confidence and real-world skills to succeed in what they want to do in today’s health care marketplace. Instructors in the business program are successful doctors who know the demands of the professional world.

Students learn about the many career choices they have and receive guidance in how to find the right fit for them. Those who go into private practice gain the knowledge needed to successfully managing their own businesses and develop a business plan for their private practice before graduation.

NUHS understands and supports every naturopathic student’s educational journey with their goal to have a successful career in mind. To learn more, follow the real-time year in the life of an NUHS naturopathic student by subscribing to the Naturopathic Student Blog. Keep up with the latest developments in naturopathic and other complementary and alternative medical fields on The Future of Integrative Health blog for aspiring professionals.


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