Productive in a Pandemic? Yes, It’s Possible!

Working single mother feeling frustrated while her kids want to play with her at home.

Have ‘stay at home orders’ thrown your plans out the window? Many of us are facing unique times and challenges to the conventional norms we have become accustomed to. Food shopping, studying, work and pastimes have all been altered. So, how do you stay centered, grounded and productive in the midst of all the distractions and new challenges? Dr. JoAnn Yanez with the AANMC has some recommendations.

  • Keep a schedule. Try to avoid the temptation of sleeping all day. Our bodies thrive best with maintenance of our circadian rhythm-driven systems. Starting and ending your routine at similar times every day is an important step in this process. Dedicate times for work/projects and free time.
  • Remember to set aside space for self-care, exercise and sunlight, stretching, nutritious meals and check-ins with loved ones. Now more than ever, it is important to pay attention to how you are managing stressors – and look in on those you care about as well.
  • Create a dedicated workspace (not your bed) and check your ergonomics. Have new aches and pains bubbled up? While many are now working at home, it is important to make sure your body likes your new environment as much as possible. Things to consider… computer height (and eye position), body positioning, chair comfort and lighting.
  • Have extra time on your hands? Is there a project you have been putting off, a new (or old) skill you want to brush up on, scholarships you wanted to apply for and didn’t have the time to do prior? Pencil it in.

Lastly, be kind and gentle with yourself. If things don’t turn out perfectly today, remember there is always tomorrow.


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