Want to Become an ND? Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you confused about what steps to take in order to become a naturopathic doctor? Here is a brief outline of general requirements needed to apply to naturopathic medical school. Keep in mind this list is not “one-size-fits-all” as each school sets its own prerequisite requirements and application deadlines. Read on to see the answers to commonly asked questions.

What prerequisites do I need to begin a naturopathic doctor program?

Accredited ND programs feel a solid foundation in science (biology and chemistry including labs) is helpful to succeed as a naturopathic medical student. Some schools may recommend additional courses including biochemistry, organic chemistry, cellular biology, anatomy and physiology, and physics. In addition, most programs require at least one course in psychology, such as a survey of lifetime human development. English or communications may be required as well.

Can I complete my prerequisites online for an accredited ND program?

Some courses may be completed online from accredited institutions, however it is recommended that you confirm with an admissions advisor what coursework will count towards academic prerequisites. Additionally in light of COVID-19, all ND programs will accept 2020 prerequisites that are delivered via online or distance learning from a regionally accredited institution.

What if my instituition implemented Pass/No Pass grading due to COVID-19?

All ND programs will review and give consideration to Spring 2020 prerequisites that are graded Pass/No Pass.

Can I take the ND program prerequisites at a community college?

Many accredited ND programs allow students to complete some or all of their prerequisite coursework at a community college. Check with the program you are interested in for more information.

Do prior courses count toward the ND program?

Every year, we receive a large number of inquiries from healthcare professionals who want to continue their education and apply to naturopathic medical school. Credits from prior doctoral level healthcare coursework may qualify for transfer credits. Meeting with an academic advisor for a transcript evaluation and academic plan is a great first step.

Ultimately, it is a good idea to get everything mapped out for you in advance before you begin the application process.

For more information about each school’s prerequisite requirements, click here.


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