What Does it Take to Become a Naturopathic Doctor?

Is pursuing a career in naturopathic medicine a good fit for you? If you like to be challenged, want a flexible career that offers a work/life balance, and relate to any of the following qualities, naturopathic medicine may be the career that offers everything you are looking for.

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Dedication to Hard Work

Training to become a licensed naturopathic doctor (ND) takes time, energy, and hard work. It is also incredibly rewarding work and naturopathic doctors have a very high level of job satisfaction. 1 If you thrive in a professional environment that challenges you regularly and inspires lifelong learning, you will find that naturopathic medicine feeds your drive to continually improve and rewards you for it.

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A Desire to Think Outside of the Box

Practicing integrative medicine well means thinking about things from many different perspectives and keeping an open mind to outside-the-box solutions. Many people go to naturopathic doctors because they want to get a different perspective on their health issues. They crave a healthcare experience that opens up different ways of managing their symptoms and an approach that addresses the root cause of an issue.


Curiosity and an eagerness to always keep learning is important for those pursuing a career in naturopathic medicine because you will be constantly learning new things throughout your training and practice. A sense of curiosity will always serve you well in the field and help you stay open to new innovations and developments in integrative medical practice.

A Collaborative Approach

If you find collaborating with and educating others in order to help them identify solutions individualized to them, naturopathic medicine is a great fit for you. Naturopathic medicine focuses on collaborating with patients by educating them on prevention and encouraging open communication. This allows the patient to take responsibility and gain more control over their health, which results in more positive health outcomes. 2 3 

AANMC schools are all fully accredited and offer robust curricula including practical, clinical experience. For more information on AANMC naturopathic medicine programs and to find the right program for you, learn more about our individual schools, located across the United States and Canada.

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