The Daily Dose – Journey to Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. JoAnn Yanez, AANMC executive director, joins Sonoran University of Health Science‘s The Daily Dose to share how she discovered her passion in naturopathic medicine.

Full Transcript of Interview Below.

Dr. JoAnn Yanez: “Through the course of college, I had some health issues. Loved ones of mine had health issues. The role of nutrition, mental health, the mind/body connection, what you ate, how you exercised, all of that became really clear to me that it had a powerful and integral role in our health. And so, I started looking down different pathways. Well, maybe I’ll be an EMT for a while or maybe I’ll go and study genetics and understand how everything pieces together. Nothing just felt right. My mom was bugging me. She’s like, ‘Talk to this doctor, talk to this doctor. He’ll really be able to at least provide you some information.’ He was a lovely chiropractor in southern Florida and said to me, ‘Have you thought about naturopathic medicine?’ And I said, ‘Natural what? What’s that?’ And told me, ‘You learn physical medicine. You learn the connection with the mind, you learn nutrition, you learn all of these other natural therapies and herbs and botanicals.’ And I was like, ‘where was this all my life?’”


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