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Dr. JoAnn Yanez, AANMC executive director, joins Sonoran University of Health Science‘s The Daily Dose to share how COVID-19 is pushing telemedicine forward in naturopathic medicine.

Full Transcript of Interview Below.

Dr. JoAnn Yanez: “I can tell you the naturopathic medical clinics at all of the academic medical centers have embraced telemedicine as one way to provide continuous education for their students and continuity in patient care. Medical students across the country have basically been sidelined in order to conserve PPE for the frontline providers. We have been telling the students, okay, sit back, let the PPE go to the frontline providers first, make sure that they have enough. And then, of course, we can resume when it’s safe, and when distancing measures have been loosened up at the state and the national levels. But for telemedicine, for practitioners, we’re seeing NDs really embrace this technology.”


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