Dr. Casey Seenauth – Sonoran University

“I love being able to offer patients a new perspective on their health care. Many patients come to my office after being told that they have exhausted all the options that conventional medicine has to offer.”

Laying the groundwork to become an ND

“In college, I knew that I was working towards a career in health care, but I struggled to find the right place. I was considering nursing or pharmacy. One of my mentors in college was a registered dietician who showed me the power of nutrition in addressing chronic disease. She steered me in the direction of naturopathic medicine, and I was fascinated to learn that there was an entire field of medicine based on the body’s innate ability for self-repair.”

Sonoran University as a springboard

“I knew that naturopathic medicine aligned with my personal philosophy towards health and wellness. What I didn’t know at the time that I decided to come to Sonoran University of Health Sciences (Sonoran University) was if I would fit in. From my first week of orientation, I knew that I had made the right choice to become a naturopathic physician. I found myself in a community of like-minded individuals who were inspired to make a difference in the lives of patients and to transform how health care is provided.”

“Sonoran University caught my attention with the broad scope of practice being taught and the forward-looking stance on how naturopathic physicians can collaborate with other providers to change the future of healthcare. The deciding factor came down to the strong sense of community and school spirit at Sonoran University.”

“After graduation I completed a two-year general medicine residency at Sonoran University. During that time, I had the opportunity to train with pioneers in the fields of injection therapy and pain management. After residency, I was fortunate enough to be offered a position at the Neil Riordan Center for Regenerative Medicine, where I have been practicing since 2015. My education at Sonoran University gave me the foundations to launch my regenerative medicine practice.  It takes a strong understanding of anatomy and orthopedics to do injection therapy.”

Regenerative Medicine and Pain Management

“Coming from an athletic background, I have an affinity for anatomy, biomechanics and understanding how people move. As a self-professed geek, I’m inspired by research that seeks to unlock human potential. Regenerative medicine is both cutting edge and deeply aligned with the naturopathic traditions.”

“I treat patients every day for acute and chronic pain conditions. For most of these patients, a naturopathic approach is brand new for them. So much of my work is educating and empowering patients to stop being passive recipients of medical treatments and start being active participants in the healing process. I treat patients with prolotherapy, PRP, or stem cell injections alongside other naturopathic modalities: nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

“Sonoran University has recently created an honors track program for students who are interested in learning about regenerative medicine. I work with a small group of fourth year medical students seeking extra education and training in regenerative modalities. We have a weekly journal club and once a month skills workshops in addition to the usual training they receive on shift.”

CLICK HERE to watch Dr. Seenauth’s AANMC webinar – Cutting Edge Regenerative Medicine for Pain Patients.

“People who tune in to this webinar can expect to learn how regenerative medicine can fit into a naturopathic medical practice. If you’re planning on creating a regenerative medicine practice, or if you’re just curious, you can learn the basics.”

Dr. Casey Seenauth


Finding fulfillment as an ND

“Naturopathic physicians are such a diverse crowd. Each of us have our own niche as far as patients that we treat, modalities used, and treatment approach. This has been a great benefit for me, as it gives me a platform to express my creativity and practice the art of medicine.”

“I love being able to offer patients a new perspective on their health care. Many patients come to my office after being told that they have exhausted all the options that conventional medicine has to offer.”

Advice for aspiring NDs

“This is a tough road. Be sure that your heart is in it. Be prepared to face skepticism. There are great potential rewards and if you stick it out, you will have the opportunity to make a great impact on the health and well-being of those in your community.”


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