What Do NDs Do When They Graduate?

A naturopathic medical degree from an accredited institution can be the springboard toward many rewarding career choices, including clinical, administrative, academic and entrepreneurial pathways. Whether practicing as a full-time or part-time ND, or in a non-clinical capacity, there are endless careers to explore with a naturopathic medical degree.  Read AANMC’s alumni success stories to see how NDs are using their degrees!

  • Clinical – Demand is high for licensed naturopathic physicians. NDs work in a variety of practice settings, including multi-practitioner, integrative medicine clinics, solo-practice offices, concierge practices and in telemedicine. NDs can serve as primary care providers with a general medicine practice (colds/flus, asthma, headaches, etc.), or they may decide to have a more specialized practice focusing on either a specific population or illness category, such as women’s or men’s health, sports medicine, pediatrics, or oncology.
  • Administrative – While advanced training and experience may be required for some positions, there are a number of administrative career paths for licensed naturopathic doctors. NDs can serve in a managerial role in healthcare, non-profit leadership, the multi-billion-dollar natural products industry, and even corporate and/or public health.
  • Academic – Many NDs have found rewarding careers in academic medicine. These careers span academic and clinical leadership, faculty appointments, and as research scientists.
  • Entrepreneurial – NDs incorporate the foundation from naturopathic medical school to build powerful businesses and brands for themselves, including starting supplement companies, launching medical technology and natural products lines, writing and public speaking.

While many graduates choose to focus their energy developing one pathway, a growing number combine one or more of these areas for professional flexibility and to create the work-life balance that is best for them. NDs enjoy flexibility to set the career they want to have that matches the lifestyle they want to live.














Often, students considering a career as an ND are curious about income and work-life balance.


Additionally, most graduates find employment in six months or less.



An impressive 74% of respondents to our 2015 Graduate Success and Compensation Study, reported they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their naturopathic medical career. In contrast, it is reported that only 54% of Americans are satisfied with their job according to the Conference Board.  

There are so many reasons why we increasingly see students choosing to become NDs, and the growing career choices are definitely part of the equation.

To find out more about how to become an ND visit AANMC website.




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