AANMC member institutions strongly recommend that all members of their communities, particularly those working or learning in a clinical setting, receive COVID-19 vaccination as soon as it becomes available to them. The emerging evidence on COVID-19 vaccinations and treatments is being closely monitored, and all AANMC members support adhering to federal/state/provincial/territorial government and public health agency guidelines for healthcare providers and academic institutions.
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In retrospect, I came to naturopathic medical school seeking solutions to my own health issues. Today I hope to inspire and educate those seeking additional therapies to treat their illnesses as illness can often be cured when one creates the conditions for health.
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There are a number of qualities that have been attributed to success as a physician and health care provider. When you look across the caregiving professions, while the expression of practice may differ, there is common ground in many of the core competencies needed as a successful practitioner.  The naturopathic medical colleges promote these qualities in each of their graduates.  But don’t take our word for it, read it in our graduates’ own words.
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That which is not flexible, breaks. Flexibility and resilience are the mantra for 2020 here at AANMC. One of the benefits of being a smaller professional community is our ability to implement changes quickly, assess what is working and adjust accordingly.
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Addressing and resolving diversity, equity and inclusion issues on AANMC member campuses is vital to the short and long-term viability of our academic institutions and naturopathic-wide professional health. Systemic racism, and conscious and unconscious bias harm campus and healthcare communities and ultimately negatively impact the quality of patient care all doctors provide.
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Naturopathic medicine is a distinct health care profession that combines the wisdom of nature with the rigors of modern science. Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are trained as primary care providers who diagnose, treat and manage patients with acute and chronic conditions, while addressing disease and dysfunction at the level of body, mind and spirit.
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A naturopathic medical degree from an accredited institution can be the springboard toward many rewarding career choices, including clinical, administrative, academic and entrepreneurial pathways. Whether practicing as a full-time or part-time ND, or in a non-clinical capacity, there are endless careers to explore with a naturopathic medical degree.  Read AANMC’s alumni success stories to see how NDs are using their degrees!
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Sonoran University is committed to the advancement, education, and application of cutting edge naturopathic treatments in the classroom and on the campus Medical and Pain Relief Centers. It is within this supportive atmosphere that students feel they can grow into the future leaders of naturopathic medicine. This year has been one of success and growth for Sonoran University students and faculty. Here are a few recent highlights.
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