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For Cynthia L. Anderson, ND, CNM, teaching has truly been a life’s calling that has taken her around the world. She shares her passion in educating the future generation of NDs at the University of Bridgeport School of Naturopathic Medicine – her alma mater.
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Join the AANMC and Dr. Radley Ramdhan, former Specialist in the United States Army for an informative session on naturopathic approaches to PTSD.
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"The experience of serving in the military has provided me with a deeper appreciation for life, a stronger desire to help others, the flexibility of thinking outside the box, and has shown me the importance of patience and humility, all of which helped me through medical school and now in practice. Often times, I am able to draw on military experiences to relate to patients, and as a result, I can help them more effectively. Resiliency, flexibility, and adaptability are some qualities from the military that have made me a stronger naturopathic doctor."
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“I was determined to prove that perhaps modern medicine did not have all the answers. Mix that with drive and a reluctance to accept the status quo, and you have what some would call passion.”
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From new leadership to maintaining beloved community traditions, we recap everything the University of Bridgeport accomplished over the past year and take a look at what we can expect for 2019.
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Every year the field of naturopathic medical education advances significantly. Each of the seven accredited naturopathic medical schools share an overview of what happened on their campus to further academics, scholarship and community outreach.
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Practicing medicine wasn’t even on Dr. Geo Espinosa’s mind until his junior year of college when he had an epiphany and realized he wanted to be a clinician. “In my gut, I felt naturopathic medicine was right for me.”
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Dr. Daemon Jones was unhappy in her corporate job. She made an appointment with a naturopathic doctor to discuss her general malaise. After one visit, she was fascinated. She loved what she heard about the lifestyle changes that could get her back to loving life.
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